Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rawganic Organic Face Cleansing Balm

A few days ago, I reviewed the Rawganic 3-in-1 facial wipes. But did you know that they also have an Organic Face Cleansing Balm in their range too?

This is a moisturising and cleansing balm that comes in a cute little tin. It has a beautiful rosey smell.

The consistency is quite oily making is very easy to spread around the face and on the eyes. It solidifies in cooler temperatures so you just need to rub your fingers in it a few times to warm it up and get enough to cover your face.

It removes make up very easily. I do use natural make up which is easy to remove anyway so I wouldn't know how well it would work on heavy professional make up. With eye make up, it removes it well but only after rubbing my lashes a few times, which I'd rather not do as the skin around my eyes is quite thin and sensitive.

Once my face is completely cleansed, it feels moisturised. If you have dry skin then it might be of benefit to you but if you have oily skin then that might not be something that you'd want. However, instead of leaving an oily film over your face, which can clog pores, it is absorbed into the skin after a few minutes.

A great thing about this product is that it's so space saving and multifunctional when you're travelling and don't want to take a lot of products with you. It also fits into your make up bag if you want to cleanse and reapply your make up during the day. What I love about this, and I really am surprised that it wasn't marketed this way, is that it makes a great correcter. Do you know how sometimes you make a big mess of your eyeliner or you blink and get mascara around your eyes and have to remove the whole thing and start again? I like to get some of this stuff onto a cotton bud and it removes the uh-oh right off. So it's useful to have this in your make up bag at all times.

Overall, this is a good product that cleanses the skin from make up and dirt. However, it is moisturising so I wouldn't recommend this if you have oily skin. But I would recommend it for any other skin type, including sensitive, as it's very light and gentle. I would also recommend this to use a correcter for make up mistakes for any skin type.

Rawganic Organic Cleansing Balm can be bought for only £4.90 at Naturisimo.com.


Grace & Beauty said...

a balm to remove makeup is an interesting concept!

Curious Emily said...

I've had this sitting awhile for a few weeks now but your post has inspired me! I'll use it to get all the slap off my mug when I get home. :)

Emily x

Sugarpuffish said...

I'm loving cleansing balms at the moment they are working better for me than cleansing milks. I didn't know about this one so thanks for the review :)