Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Coconut water - Fab or Fad?

Vita Coco is drink made entirely from Coconut water. This is the water taken from inside baby coconuts, which are famous for being high in electrolytes so they're perfect for an after gym snack.

Vita Coco is loved by many celebrities including Jessica Simpson...

... Sienna Miller....

... and Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer...

Madonna loves it so much much that she has invested $1.5 million into the company that makes it!

But is this drink worth all the craze? Let's see...

I don't like the taste of the coconut water at all. It has a similar taste to the coconut water you get inside ripe coconuts (which I love) but it also has a tangy-ish taste too.

One of the things that ruined the taste was the smell. I can't describe it but it is not very nice at all.

£1.69 for 300ml. If you normally spend this much on a sports drink then this might be a reasonable price for you. But for the taste and smell, it is not worth it at all. Especially when there are many different products that offer the same benefits...

According to the Nutrition Diva, coconut water doesn't really offer anything different to what fruit and vegetables already do. Click here to learn more about coconut water from the Nutrition Diva herself.

Vita Coco - fab or fad? Nutrition-wise, I think it is a fad. But if you enjoy the taste (which I clearly didn't) then it is a healthy alternative to most drinks out there.

Have you tried coconut water? What do you think of it?