Thursday, 17 February 2011

Make up tricks using a white eye pencil

For me, a white eye pencil is a necessity in my make up bag. This one simple product can be used in multiple ways to give many different effects.

I currently use Elysambre's eye and lip pencil in white, which I got from Love Lula for only £9.29. It is 100% natural with over 50% being plant based active ingredients. If, like me, you also like knowing what the packaging is made from then you'd be happy to know that the wood is sustainably sourced.

The texture is perfect. It's not too hard and not too soft. It's creamy, without being too oily, so it glides on really well and stays put for hours.

Here are a few ways I like to use my Elysambre eye pencil in white...

  • On the waterline for an illusion of bigger eyes.
  • On the brow bone for a 'brow lift'
  • On the centre of the bottom lip over lipstick for a plumped-up effect.
  • On the eyelids as an alternative to eye shadow
  • On the inside corner of the eyes for brighter eyes
  • Also on the outside corner for even brighter and bigger eyes
  • On the middle of the nose to highlight it

Another reason why I love white eye pencils is because they are a must for the Sixties look, which I love. Think the dramatic eyes of Twiggy during that era.

Do you own a white eye pencil? How do you like to use it?


Nvey Eco Lip Lustre

I had been looking for a clear gloss for some time so I was very excited when I found the Nvey Eco Lip Lustre in Nude. This shade may appear to be a white colour but I can assure you that it comes on clear. I chose Nude because I decided that it would look great on its own and instead of buying lip glosses in different shades, I could wear it over any of my lipsticks for a glossy finish.

What I like about this gloss is its texture. Instead of thick and sticky, it is nice and light. Quite like oil really. So don't worry about getting your hair stuck on your lips on windy days.

Its oily formula, made up of coconut oil, castor oil, palm wax, beeswax and orange oil, is also very moisturising, which I love because some lip glosses I have used in the past actually made my lips dry.

But overall, this product didn't quite cut it for me and this is why...

As much as I love the texture, it is literally like applying oil to your lips. It only gave my lips a very subtle sheen, which came off very easily. And because it's so light, the wand rubs off my lipstick so the top half of my lip gloss has turned a pink colour.

For £19 (Love Lula), I would expect a much better product. I might as well use oil from my kitchen cupboard on my lips for a tiny fraction of the price.

Don't let this put you off the rest of Nvey's range, such as their concealer, which I have also reviewed.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Free Jurlique hand cream with every order

Get a free Jurlique hand cream (15ml) with your order at by typing in the voucher code HANDCREAM at checkout.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Free gift with purchase at Naturisimo

Planning on a shopping spree on

Enter POLISH at checkout to receive a free Nude Moisturising Body Polish when you spend £50 (while stocks last).

Check out the rest of the deals here.


Help raise money with just one click!

There is a brilliant website called that is aiming to raise $19,450 for Charity Water, a not-for-profit organisation that provides clean water to those who desperately need it in developing countries. You can help them reach their target by simply filling in your name and email address here. That's all you need to do and a $1 donation will be donated by 1love and their sponsors to the charity.

Please share with your friends to help raise all the money.


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Breathing Earth

Isn't this funky!

It's really interesting to compare statistics from around the world, especially when it's presented this way. You can also find out how much CO2 each country is emitting and whether it is more or less than last year. Unfortunately, it seems that most countries are emitting more :( On the plus side, the most recent data available is from 2006 so hopefully more people have been making greener changes to their lifestyles since then.

If you scroll down a little to 'What can I do?', you can find tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Have you been greener since 2006? Even if it's one small change, it can really make a difference.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

10% off at Naturisimo

Type in the code VALENTINE at checkout before midnight Friday to get 10% off your order at Naturisimo.

Don't forget that delivery is free and that you can choose five free samples with every order.


Save our forests!

Have you heard that the Government is planning on the privitisation of some of our woodland forests?

Imagine who would get their hands on them. They would do as they wish with the land! Instead of endless trees giving a home to so many birds there may be a golf course. Instead of acres of beautiful flowers and bunny burrows there may be new offices.

It is very important to have our voices heard so if you oppose this plan please spare a few seconds of your time to sign any or both of these petitions.

You can also write to your MP to let them know your views.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Free eye liner!

Buy this month's Elle Magazine and get a free Neal's Yard Remedies eye liner in Midnight worth £9.50.

Get them quick before they're gone :)


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Wanna get Naked?

Because now you can get Naked hair products at a bargain price of 2 for £6. Choose from selected shampoos and conditioners and even mousse, hairspray, serum and hair protector.

Theis deal is only available at but you can choose to have them delivered to your home for only £2.95 or collect them from your local store absolutely free.

I'm thinking of giving their shampoo a go. Urtekram rose shampoo is making my hair more disgusting every time I use it. I have actually had to go back to using Swarzkopf because my hair was just that awful.

Have you tried any of the Naked shampoos?

I might as well stock up on a few more products to take advantage of this deal. Maybe treat myself to some conditioner, hair mousse and hair protector. So that's only £12 for 4 products! See, going natural doesn't have to be expensive.

What do you think of the Naked range? Will you be giving them a go?