Hello Eden Angels!

Welcome to my blog. As an Eden Angel, I'm sure you care about taking care of Mother Nature and letting her take care of you with all the natural food and cosmetics she gives us, just to name a few. This isn't very easy in today's world but this blog will help make it easier for you.

So why do I do it? As a customer, I realise that finding natural and eco-friendly products isn't as easy as walking into a chemist and picking up whatever is on the shelf. They're harder to find and usually cost a little more. Eden Angels is just a way for me to help you make shopping a little easier and with the peace of mind that it worked for me.

Also, as a customer, I'm not an expert on any sciencey bits so make sure you verify any scientific info I give you. I will try and provide sources for you to check out.

Anything I review was either bought by myself or was a gift from friends/ family. Sometimes I get free samples from companies but this won't affect the review at all. My reviews are always 100% honest. I will mention that a review is based on a free product/ sample for those who would like to know.

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