Monday, 29 November 2010

Free Delivery at Lily Lolo

Remember the eyeshadows I reviewed a few days ago? Well you can now get free delivery across their range on the Lily Lolo website. Just enter FREESHIP at checkout. Valid until 5th December.

Why not check out their gift sets such as this eyeshadow trio?


Friday, 26 November 2010

Discount Code for Naturisimo

Want 10% off at Naturisimo? Then enter the code BEAUTY at checkout. Valid for this weekend only.

Don't forget to choose your 5 free samples there too!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Give your unwanted clothes a loving home and make money too!

Every year, British consumers buy 2 million tonnes of clothes. 1.2 million tonnes of this goes to landfill! source

Crazy, right?!! But unfortunately this is the truth. As you all know, this can be reduced by donating unwanted clothes to charity. But if you're strapped for cash, then it's perfectly ok to make some money out of these unwanted items.

I won't drag on about ebay as if it's the latest innovation to hit the world wide web. But that is one option if you want to sell cheap items. But if you have pricier items to sell, such as designer or vintage, you probably won't expect to get yourself a good deal on ebay. It's like selling Gucci at a jumble sale. A better idea is to sell them on Asos Marketplace.

Asos marketplace is where you can sell (or buy) clothes. You simple upload a photograph of whatever it is you want to sell, write a description and name your price! Then sit back, maybe make yourself a cup of tea and your item will be viewed by fashionistas around the globe.

You don't even have to pay to list your item. Any fees are taken after you have made any money.

If you're looking to turn this into a business then, if you're lucky, Asos may let you open your own cyber boutique on the Asos Marketplace website!

So why not give it a go. It costs nothing to start!


Friday, 19 November 2010

Pots of pretty powder


Sorry about the long delay. I'm finally back with a new beauty review.

This review will be on two Lily Lolo eyeshadows that I recently bought from

Lily Lolo is a brand that makes a really wide range of mineral cosmetics, including foundation powder, lipgloss and eyeshadows, plus many more, in so many different shades. I was very tempted to buy all of their eyeshadows because they're all so pretty. But decided to be a good girl and buy two colours that will suit any outfit: black and white.

A few of their many shades of eyeshadow

The eyeshadows in the lovely green tissue paper they came in

Orchid White


As you can probably tell from the pictures, the eyeshadows are powders and unpressed. But thankfully they are covered with a protective plastic lid with shaker holes. So don't worry about them spilling all over your make up bag or all over your clothes. However, the Orchid white eyeshadow, unlike Witchypoo, seems to be clumped together so it is almost impossible to get it come out of the tiny holes. Plus the protective plastic lid can't be removed no matter how hard you try (I've tried!) so the only option is to shake the eyeshadow out of the holes.

The colours are absolutely fantastic! Like I said, Orchid White is difficult to get out of the container but the small amount I manage to get out is enough for me because it is so pigmented. It isn't exactly shimmery but has a nice glow so you can use it as a highlighter on your brow bone or either edge of your eyes. I also use it over red lipstick to give it a pouty and matte finish. However, the Orchid White eyeshadow doesn't seem to stay on all day so I would suggest using powder or a base under the eyeshadow if, like myself, eyeshadow easily slips off your eyes.

I am much more pleased with Witchypoo. I'm not yet brave enough to go for a gothic look with black eyelids so I am currently using it as an eyeliner cake. You don't even need any liquid for this. Just dab the eyeliner brush onto the eyeshadow and it easily glides over your lids. You won't need to go over it again as the colour is so intense. I can't comment on its staying power as I have not used it as an eyeshadow but as an eyeliner it stays on all day long so don't worry about any smudges.

The cost of the eyeshadows were only £5.00 each from You can also buy them from as single pots or gift sets.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Urtekram Rose Shampoo

Urtekram rose shampoo is one of the products I bought from It is suitable for all hair types and is formulated using natural ingredients, much of which is organic.

The reason why I bought this was because I was looking for a natural shampoo with no SLS and this one had some good reviews from customers. It does contain Sodium Coco Sulfate instead, which some people wish to stay away from and some don't mind.

I must start with the smell of this shampoo. It smells beautifully of rose water. Since this product is completely natural, the scent doesn't come from any synthetic fragrances but from organic essential rose geranium oil.

The consistency of the shampoo is pretty much the same as any other shampoo except it's clear. However, it does not lather up as well as other shampoos. Some say that a shampoo does not need to lather in order for it to work, which I agree. But as my hair is long and thick the lather helps me get the shampoo all over my hair easily. So in this case I have had to use at least twice as much shampoo as I would normally use, making it less cost efficient. And at £4.69 it already costs a lot more than the average bottle.

It didn't leave my hair squeaky clean but if you don't get dandruff or you wash your hair quite frequently then I'd expect it to clean your hair very well.

I found that my hair was much softer afterwards without being greasy and I was very pleased with that. Other than that it was frizzy and my curls looked terrible.

Overall, I am pleased with some aspects of this product but it is not perfect for my hair type. If you have normal hair then give it a go. You might like it. But if your hair is anything like mine then save your money and get yourself a shampoo that is more specific for your hair type.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

This month's Marie Claire (includes a freebie!)

I know, I don't normally read magazines let alone write about them. They tend to be too materialistic and their adverts can be offensive to someone like myself who knows how to disect an advert just by looking at it for a few seconds. And I really don't get all this 'celebrity' hype. This one's no different.

BUT there are quite a few things that I like about this particular issue (the one with Rihanna on the cover):
  • Free fashion bangle by ethical jeweller Made worth £11 (choose from 3 colours)
  • 25% discount on Made jewellery
  • Ethical gift ideas
  • Gardening gift ideas
  • Article on Toms giving away their millionth shoe to a child
  • Recipes full of healthy veggies
  • Beauty advice especially for black skin
  • Black model gracing the pages of their metallic make up feature
  • Worry rehab advice feature
So if you're thinking of getting one, try and get it soon before shoplifters steal the bangles out of the magazines. (I mean come on! Just because it says free it doesn't mean you can rip it out of the packet without paying for the magazine!)


Saturday, 6 November 2010

Strawberry and banana smoothie

There's nothing I don't like about smoothies. Healthy, yummy, quick to make...
So here's a quick and easy Strawberry and banana smoothie recipe:

Serves 2

You'll need:
  • 300ml milk (skimmed for a low fat option)
  • 4 tablespoons natural low fat yogurt (optional but helps thicken the smoothie)
  • 1 large banana
  • About 6 medium strawberries
  • 3tsp honey

Just stick the lot in a blender for a couple of seconds and you're done!



Thursday, 4 November 2010

Free conditioner! And Lavera make up sale!

Want free leave in conditioner worth £7.49? Then just spend £20 on natural skincare and beauty products at, type in the voucher code AKIN and they'll pop one in with your order.

You'll get a bottle of A'kin Lavender and Anthyllis 24 hour intensive moisture leave in conditioner with jojoba and organic avocado oil to protect, strengthen and condition your hair.

But hurry as the number of free shampoo is limited!

While you're there, how about...

Lavera lipgloss
Available in Chocolate and Clear
Only £6.00!!
Was £8.50

Lavera eyeliner
Available in Blue and Green
Only £4.00!!
Was £6.90

Lavera lipstick
Available in 6 different shades (I'm loving deep pink!)
Only £6.00!!
Was £9.90

Lavera blusher
Available in Rosewood (bronze no. 2)
Only £6.00!!
Was £10.90

Lavera duo eyeshadow
Available in 3 different combinations
Only £8.00!!
Was £12.45

Lavera Trend foundation
Available in Medium (No. 2)
Only £7.00!!
Was £10.90

Find more beauty products as well as skincare and gifts on

Don't forget to type in AKIN at checkout for your free leave in conditioner!


Great deal on healthy cooking!

I found this really good deal on Giles and Posner today.

When you buy a Stonebaked Pizza Oven for £60, you get a 1.5l slow cooker free!

Whether it's for yourself or a gift for someone else, it's a great way to indulge in winter comforts whilst keeping healthy.

Check it out by clicking here.