Thursday, 29 September 2011

Natural beauty on a budget

The natural beauty niche market is full of highly priced brands, which aren't affordable for everyone especially if you have to shop for the whole family. I think natural products should be affordable for everyone so I've put together some products that won't break the bank.

Find these products at Love Lula. Naked Produucts are available from the Naked Bodycare website.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What's Green, Black and yummy all over?

We've all heard of Organic chocolate and we've all heard of Fair Trade chocolate. But not very often do you find chocolate that is both Fairtrade and organic, so you can truly indulge guilt-free.

I'm talking about Green & Black's, which I'm sure you've already guessed. ok the title probably gave it away too.

Although they have been bought by Cadbury's which were then acquired by Kraft, Green & Black's still sticks to its principles of providing excellent quality chocolate produced ethically from bean to bar, which is the reason why after a moment of distress thinking I would have to break up with one of my favourite chocolate brands, we still remain in love.

I was kindly sent some of their chocolates to try and review.

My favourite has to be Butterscotch, which wasn't sent to me but I have to share how delicious this is. It is the first Green & Black's chocolate I've ever tasted and I fell in love from first bite. It's rich in cocoa (34%) but satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time with the pieces of crunchy toffee. It's the perfect balance between cocoa, milk and sugar. A combination made in heaven. Just a few squares of this and I'm satisfied. So if you ever have the need to gorge down a huge bar of milk chocolate (we all feel like like that sometimes don't we), a few squares of this will sure hit the spot.

Almond is another one of my absolute favourites. This one contains 37% cocoa and lots of roasted almonds that taste so fresh and give the bar a lovely crunch. The almonds have their skins left, on which gives the chocolate a slight bitter taste but this is complemented with the sweetness of the bar.

If I can't tempt you to try either as you simply prefer less cocoa, Creamy Milk is another fave. What I love about this is how the different layers of flavour.. the creamy milk, the rich cocoa, the sweetness... build up in my mouth and I can feel the different parts of my tongue getting more and more excited. Compare this to most milk chocolates that have a 'flat' one layer taste, if that makes any sense. So don't let the innocent name fool you. This is no ordinary milk chocolate.

Caramel and Mint sounded extremely tempting at first. I am a huge fan of caramel filled chocolates (naughty, I know) and I love minty chocolates occasionally such as After Eight. I am not, however, a fan of chocolates containing alcohol and the taste of the alcohol in both of these bars ruined the taste for me. There's no hint on the packaging that it contains alcohol except in the ingredients list. But if you love alcohol chocolates, which there aren't many options out there on the market, then you might be tempted to try out these flavours.

White Chocolate is like the more mature version of Milkybar - because grown ups like white chocolate too. It is very creamy without being too milky or too sweet. It supposedly contains Madagascan vanilla in there but it's difficult to distinguish between the vanilla and creamy white chocolate flavours as they're very similar. The packaging is a little confusing. It does state 30% cocoa but looking at the ingredients list I assume by that they mean 30% cocoa butter.

Now we all have our own particular tastes when it comes to most things; chocolate being one of them. I prefer milk chocolates but occasionally prefer extra rich cocoa but not as far as craving plain or dark chocolate. So I will have to warn you that I'm going to be biased.

I've only gotten as far as trying a few bites of two of the dark chocolates as I know that the rest will be strong for my taste buds. I normally love coffee flavoured chocolates but the Espresso bar (70% cocoa) was too strong for me. Then again this is espresso and not a milky latte so expect a strong one! Maya Gold, 55% cocoa infused with orange and delicate spices, has a truly unique taste. It reminds me of Christmas cakes with the fruity and sweet spice flavours. This isn't too dark for my own personal taste though I still prefer milkier chocolates. I can see myself melting this and pouring it over a sponge cake. Yum! There are also Hazelnut and Currant, Dark and Cherry in the dark category.

I think I'll be reserving the dark chocolates to try out one of their recipes. Would that be something you'd like to see on Eden Angels?

Do you have a favourite Green & Black's flavour? Maybe one you haven't tasted yet but are tempted to try?


Friday, 23 September 2011

Dr.Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil review

As promised, I'm finally reviewing the Dr.Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil.

This product is described as 'This invigorating oil enhances the skin's elasticity and helps to discourage cellulite.'

This sounded great for me. I had no cellulite when I used to go to the gym but as I've been gaining weight, it came back. Booo :(

I don't know whether this product just discourages cellulite or it reduces it too but from what I've heard, lemongrass oil is great for decreasing fluid retention in the body. I haven't been using it long enough to personally see any difference on the amount of cellulite I have but even so it would still be difficult to know whether any reduction in cellulite is caused by the oil or the massage.

Whether it will do anything for my cellulite or not, the moisturising properties of this product is amazing. I've been using lotions and creams on my legs for years and could never find anything to get rid of the keratosis pilaris on my outer thighs. But my legs must love the oil as they soak it right up really quickly and I've noticed a big difference even after the first application. No more bumpy legs, yay!

Another thing I love about this is how easy it is to massage around my body. I get annoyed with some creams that take forever to spread and be absorbed but it's super quick to apply this after a shower.

I also LOVE the smell. Lemongrass smells delicious.

So even though I'm not so sure about the cellulite busting properties, I would recommend this as a body oil if you have really dry skin or keratosis. Seriously worth the money!

Dr.Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass body oil is available at Love Lula for £17.95.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pai skincare review

Pai skincare, who are an organic skincare brand certified by the Soil Association, sent me a sample set of a cleanser and two moisturisers in a cute little pouch for me to try*. 

I've been using this as a make up remover and it removes make up, including eye make up, very easily and gently without irritating the skin. I got a little in my eye and I didn't feel a thing!
The consistency is very light so the oils are absorbed quickly but my skin felt hydrated rather than greasy. However, because the product is absorbed quickly, I found that I had to use more of the product.

I've being using this on dry areas around my face, especially around my nose. Even though it has a thick consistency, it is absorbed very quickly and my skin felt softer from the first application.

As I'm using the Geranium & thistle cream on dry areas, which is much suitable as I wouldn't want blemishes to appear in the surrounding oily parts of my skin, I am using the macadamia and rose dry skin cream on my hands instead. Again, the cream is absorbed really quickly so I don't have to wait long for it to dry or end up with sticky hands. The sample pot is a great size to pop into my handbag too.

My favourite things about these products is the thick consistency that melts on my skin and how cold they are. And I love the mild rose smell, which is great because I don't like overpowering smells. I think these products have a lot of great properties and are truly of premium quality.

The cleanser costs £25 and the moisturisers cost between £19 and £26 so they aren't cheap. They are absolutely great products but I personally wouldn't spend that much on them. If you love premium skincare or are looking for something that would work on dry or irritated skin, then I'd recommend getting a free sample set and trying them out. You only have to pay for p&p.

*Views are my own as always! :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Miss Polly Organic Tootsie Treatment

Miss Polly has a lovely selection of natural skincare products from soap to facial skincare. The whole look of the products are simple adorable. They look perfect to give as a gift or to spoil yourself with.

Miss Polly herself recently sent me her organic Tootsie Treatment in peppermint. I chose this product because my feet are one of the driest parts of my body and I love anything that smells like sweets.

The Tootsie Treatment is made up of the following ingredients:
Butyrospermum parkii (organic shea) seed butter, Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil, Theobroma cocao (cocoa) seed butter, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Mentha piperita (peppermint essential oil), Limonene* (naturally occur in essential oil)

It has a firmer texture than whipped shea butters but it's still soft enough to scoop out of the cute glass jar.

I do prefer whipped butters but as this is so packed rather than aerated, you certainly get more in the jar. On the skin it melts instantly making it easy to massage onto the feet.

It is absorbed really quickly when I use a small amount but when I use a generous amount I find that it takes a while longer to be absorbed than other butters I've tried. As I like to use lots for my dry feet, I use this before I go to sleep or when I'm relaxing with a cup of tea. This also makes it perfect for foot massages.

Peppermint essential oil is known to have a cooling effect on the skin and the massaging motion of my hands certainly adds to the relaxing effect. The sweet minty aroma gives tired feet a fresh smell as well as awakening the senses, especially after a tiring day.

Overall, I think this is a lovely product that not only serves its purpose but spoils you with it's pretty packaging and sweet smell. It's not as moisturising as some other moisturisers I've tried but definitely better than most as it's a concentrated product unlike watered down lotions. If your feet aren't extremely dry anyway (lucky you!) then I would totally recommend this for keeping them in good condition.

Visit and have a look at the rest of the range. The soaps are the cutest I've seen and the gift sets are perfect for the ladies in your life.


* 100% honest as always :)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bargains at TK Maxx

I go out to buy a birthday present for my brother and THIS is what happens.

The Eco Collection bamboo exfoliating back polisher £2.99 (RRP £6.00)
Sia soy candle in Jasmine Vanilla (£2.99)
Occo Deep Forest body scrub £3.00 (RRP £.25.00 Was £6.99)
Ecolive laundry soap £1.99 (The newer stock are £2.99 though)

That's not all they had. I also saw:
  • Cowshed Bullocks/ Baby
  • Calmia
  • Other Occo products
  • Laidbare
  • Balance Me
  • Lots of Soy candles (I can't remember the brands)
  • Lots of brands I had never heard of before
  • Eco hair brushes
  • The Monty Bojangles natural confectionery
  • A bamboo, rice and lavender eye mask that can be heated or cooled

I filled up my basket with so many things then I forced myself to put everything back. I'll be definitely be going back for more though.

I remember seeing lots of Weleda products and bamboo body brushes a while ago. I hope they get more brands in, especially make up!

So if you're finding that buying natural and eco friendly bath and skincare products are out of your budget, get down to TK Maxx for some bargains.


Friday, 16 September 2011

Bottlepink Review

A few days ago, I showed you the glamorous limited edition Bottlepink drink by Bottlegreen. It comes in their Pomegranate & Elderflower sparkling presse and cordial and 10% of the sales are donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I also promised you a review. So here it is!

So a little info on Bottlegreen first. Bottlegreen drinks are a range of still and sparkling drinks as well as cordials made completely from natural ingredients. So no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They have very unique flavours such as Green Tea & Elderflower and Lemon & Lime Leaf. A much more grown up and posh version of orange squash.

I have always been curious about their drinks so I was happy to receive their Bottlepink cordial to try.

I'm not usually a fan of cordials mostly because I can never make them properly but also because many of them aren't very healthy and taste too sweet. I experimented with different concentrations of the Bottlepink cordial. The first attempts were either way too sweet and strong or too bland and dry but I eventually found the concentration I like. I add just enough of the cordial to cool water to give it a nice pomegranate flavour and a little sweetness. It also gives the water a pinky peach colour and a lovely light floral smell. It reminds me of water flavoured with flowers like rose or orange blossom, which I love.

Light but oh so yummy!

I love water and drink lots of it but the taste of tap water puts me off so flavouring water with the Pomegranate & Elderflower cordial should get me to drink lots more of the tapped stuff.

So overall, I quite like this cordial. It is a great drink that makes a change from the usual flavours and you can dilute it to suit your taste. I wouldn't drink it at the concentration recommended on the bottle as it is not to my own personal taste and is too strong and sweet for me but at my own preferred concentration it tastes very refreshing. It's also very versatile and can be used in cocktails (or mocktails if, like me, you don't drink) or in homemade ice lollies or pretty much anything you like. I would love to dilute it using sparkling water and pour it in a long glass over vanilla ice cream before the weather gets any colder. Yum!

Would I buy this? Yes! But I would use it to make flavoured water instead.

Bottlepink, as well as the rest of the Bottlegreen range, costs £2.99 (500ml) at most major supermarkets. A great price considering you can make lots out of just one bottle.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nakd Bars Review

I was sent some Nakd bars recently* to try out. Nakd is a snack bar made entirely from raw fruit, nut and natural flavouring. In addition to the Nudie range, the Oatie range also contains oats. They contain no added sugar or preservatives; they're not processed; they do not contain gluten, wheat or dairy; they're 100% vegan and one of your 5 a day too! Phew!

When I first came across these at Holland & Barrett and read the ingredients (mostly dates with some nuts and raisins) I imagined that it would be like date paste with the added ingredients mixed in... not very interesting. But they are not like that at all...

The bar is a blend of all the contained ingredients rather than a gummy and chewy date paste with chopped fruit and nuts. So the blend of all the ingredients gives it a very lovely soft yet firm texture. I don't normally like raisins in snacks but as the pieces are so tiny, it gives the bar a natural sweetness without the gummy raisin texture.

It's hard to choose but I think my favourite would have to be the Cocoa Orange. The orange taste is very mild but enough to give it a tasty flavour. I just wish there was more cocoa in there. In fact, I wish all the cocoa ones had more cocoa. But overall it is still very delicious.

My least favourite is the Cocoa Mint. I felt that the peppermint taste was a little too overpowering for me that I couldn't taste anything else. If there was a little less mint and a little more cocoa then I might have loved it.

I didn't expect to like Banana Bread since I don't like banana desserts (I love bananas though) and I didn't like the first bite at all. It was certainly a powerful flavour. But I was surprised how much I loved it after that. Definitely one of my favourites!

I also wasn't too sure about Ginger Bread at first as I normally hate ginger but I love it in biscuits and cakes. But I couldn't really taste the ginger in this one. I could probably taste the cinnamon more. It reminded me of the smell of Starbucks at Christmas and yummy sweet spicey cakes.

If you love sweet fruity tastes, then I'm sure you'll love Berry Delight and Apple Pie. Apple Pie tastes just like apple pie and, as it comes from the Oatie range, it's great for breakfast on the go.

I was really surprised how great these bars taste and I would definitely buy Nakd the next time I need a quick pick me up. Dates have a high GI so they're a great alternative to a biscuit or a chocolate bar if you need a quick burst of energy. I get energy slumps during the autumn and winter so these bars are just perfect for me.

So if you get energy slumps or are looking for a healthy or vegan alternative to chocolate or cereal bars, I'd suggest that you try one of these bars. You'd be surprised how yummy they taste.


*100% honest review as always :)

Monday, 12 September 2011

Dr. Hauschka Glamour range review and GIVEAWAY

If you're a big fan of Dr.Hauschka as I am, you'll be happy to know that their Natural Glamour A/W range will be hitting the shelves this week.

The range includes:

This looks like a great palette that will take you from Autumn to Winter with its range of earthy and icy colours. With silk and herbs, the skin around your eyes will be cared for in the harsh weather.
(4x1.8g RRP £34.50)

The blue and grey colours look great for winter. I would use the light grey in the waterline for bigger, brighter eyes. It contains Anthyllis, Witch Hazel and Black Tea, which is soothing for sensitive skin.
(1.64g RRP £15.75)

Blackberry is a lovely reddish-burgundy colour. Very Autumnal. I don't normally go for dark colours at all. I'm not adventurous and tend to stick with nude pinks, and if I'm in a colourful mood, reds. So I was a little scared to try this, wondering if it would clash with my yellow undertones.

But it actually looks really good. It comes out looking exactly like the colour of the packaging so it's a rich and glossy colour and you only need to use a small amount making it more cost-effective. The shade lightens as I spread it on my lips but the colour builds up with more layers. I think I'll be sticking with one layer for the daytime for now but I will definitely be adding more layers as we go further into Autumn and for occasions.

The texture is very light and smooth, thanks to the moisturising oils and butters such as mango butter, without being too thin and translucent. So don't worry about your hair sticking onto your gloss on those windy days.

It comes off if I eat or drink anything, which is normal for most lip glosses, especially those that are completely natural.

The smell of the lipgloss is very mild. I can't work out what it is. It smells a little spicy.. I think. I can pick up a bit of licquorice in there. I don't know whether it's in there or I'm imagining!

(4.5ml RRP £14.95)

The Balancing Teint Powder was a big hit when it first came out the beginning of the year so if you missed out on this you'll be happy to know that it's back!

I don't normally use powders as I have combination skin so it's dry around my nose but as natural foundations contain a lot of oils, my skin has been getting oily with lots of blemishes :( Thankfully, this powder contains no oils and it contains witch hazel (an anti-inflammatory) so I'm hoping this will help my skin to sort itself out.

The powder is very light and silky (it actually contains silk powder!) I love this because powder normally cakes up around dry areas of my face. I only found that it caked up on the tip of my nose.

I find that it lightens any blemishes and inflamed bits on my face very well so it's great for when I'm in a rush/ too lazy to put on more make up or when I want to give my face a break from heavy oily make up. I wouldn't say it covers redness completely but, for me personally, it does minimise them enough for me to confidently go out without foundation. I also found that it got rid of shine.

This is supposed to give a warm finish if you use all three shades but as I already have a warm skin tone it's pretty much the same colour as my skin, which is a bonus for me as it's hard finding a shade that matches my skin tone - they're always too pink. If you're looking for something to give your skin a much warmer tone, I would suggest using the Dr.Hauschka Powder Duo on top. You can also use the shades individually. I'll be using the dark shade for contouring.

So overall, this is a good product for toning down redness in your skin for everyday wear but if your skin needs a lot of coverage I would suggest using this to set your foundation or concealer and to give extra coverage and a matte finish.

(9g RRP £34.75)


This giveaway has now ended. A winner will be chosen and notified very soon.

You'll be happy to know that thanks to Dr.Hauschka I have one Balancing Teint Powder to give away!

All you need to do is comment below and name three herbs in the Balancing Teint Powder.

You need to follow both myself and Dr.Hauschka on Twitter or Facebook.
Ends Sunday 25th September 11.59 pm

For extra entries:
  • If you follow Eden Angels and Dr.Hauschka on both Facebook and Twitter then you get two entries!
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Make sure you comment below telling me what you're doing for the extra entries.

Good luck!


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back to school the green way

(Clockwise from top-left then centre)
Pink A5 packaging notebook (Nigel's Eco Store)
Wrap 'n' Mat (Nigel's Eco Store)
Uni-ball Power Tank Eco pen (Fred Aldous)
Clear Skies Eco Journal (Papernation)
Action Pencils by We Are What We Do
Linex Nature biodegradable ruler (Fred Aldous)
Aladdin Recycled Tumbler (John Lewis)

And, of course, a juicy organic rosy apple for teacher ;)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Real Bodycare giveaway rules update

Just to let you know that the rules for the giveaway have changed. As the Google Friends Connect gadget has been acting dodgy for a while meaning many readers can't follow my blog, you have to follow me on either Facebook or Twitter instead. If you've already entered, don't worry, you will still be entered into the giveaway.

Sorry for any inconvenience! There is still time to enter so please do to win yourself a a large tub of yummy body butter.


Autumn eco-fashion

Whether you're back to school or just want to update your wardrobe this season, keep warm and look cool with these ethical and fashionable pieces.

Hat: Cosy Beret by People Tree
Jacket: Joanie Chambray Jacket by People Tree
Skirt: People Tree Organic Jersey Mini Skirt (Asos)
Boots: Elm Black boots by Po-Zu
Satchel: Large Mfuko Black satchel by Made

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bottlegreen turns pink for charity

How cute is this bottle, right?

Bottlepink is Bottlegreen turned pink! Bottlegreen have teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer and are donating 10% of the sales of bottlepink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. Bottlepink is available in pomegranate & elderflower cordial and pomegranate & elderflower sparkling presse.

So whether you're holding a pink party or have any excuse to party, this limited edition bottle will impress your friends and you'll be contributing to helping Breakthrough Breast Cancer change lives through researching, educating and campaigning.

The fancy bottle
Glass by Cristal d'Arques
Perfect for a pink party!

So keep any eye out for these glam bottles in major supermarkets from £2.39.

I will be reviewing the cordial very soon so keep an eye out for that.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Real Bodycare review and GIVEAWAY!!

I'm not usually a big fan of shea butter. I find it very fatty and isn't absorbed well. But thankfully Real Bodycare sent me a sample of their creams* and I'm in love.

The creams come in three varieties: Hemp & Shea, Rosehip & Shea and Apricot & Shea

Hemp & Shea is suitable for those with very dry or inflamed skin, including eczema. I've been using this on the soles of my feet and on my knees, which get very dry. The cream is absorbed really quickly so I don't have to sit and wait around. It just shows how thirsty my skin is! It got rid of any flakes and softened my heels but if you have any hard skin then I'd recommend that you buff your skin for quicker results.

Rosehip & Shea is full of anti-oxidants and helps rejuvinate the skin. Great for wrinkles and scars! I don't have ageing skin (thankfully) so I've been testing this out on stretchmarks as I've heard that rosehip oil is great for that. Stretchmarks don't go away overnight but I'm hoping that they will fade overtime.

Apricot & Shea is moisturising but also balances oily skin. I have crazy combination skin on my face so I've been using this on dry patches, especially around my nose. It is quickly absorbed so it doesn't leave me with a shiny face or give me blemishes.

One of my favourite thing about these creams is the lovely mousse-like texture. It really does remind me of white chocolate mousse. Once applied onto the skin, it melts instantly and it is so easy to spread around the skin. But spread quickly because it is very easily absorbed into the skin. And I'm talking seconds!

So moosey!

The creams come in three sizes: 10ml, 50ml and 100ml. If you'd like to try them all they do all three travel sized pots for £9.


The giveaway has now ended. Congratulations to GFC follower Bubbles - you are the winner! An email has been sent to you! xx

Real bodycare have a large pot of their Hemp and Shea butter worth £25 to give away to one of you lucky people!

All you need to do is comment below telling me the four ingredients of this product (Psst see here and scroll to the bottom for the answer). A winner will be selected at random and announced in two weeks and the product will be sent by Real Bodycare.

  • You must be a follower on either Facebook or Twitter
  • You must enter by 11:59pm Friday 23rd September 2011

For extra entries:

So that's 7 chances to win! Remember to tell me in the comments who you are in Facebook/ Twitter and a link to your blog for the extra entries as well as an email address (your comments won't be published so your info is safe). Good luck! :)


*The samples were sent to me by Real Bodycare but, as always, my views are strictly my own.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dr. Hauschka Powder Duo review

For once in I don't know how many years, I have spend the entire summer in England so not much sunshine for me. ok we did get a lot of sunshine but not hot enough by my Mediterranean standards, let's face it. I still have my tan lines from last summer. That's how crazy hot it was!

Thankfully, with the right make up, I have been able to fake it and look like I've been sunbathing abroad all summer. If you're lucky enough to have been sunbathing all summer (safely, hopefully) then you can keep looking hot throughout autumn by using a bronzer.

Dr. Hauschka have a very beautiful bronzer called Summer Impressions Powder Duo that will leave your skin looking sunkissed all day. It comes in 01 Cool Breeze or 02 Warm Breeze (I have it in Warm Breeze). It is in powder form and contains two shades - a dark peachy colour and a shimmery brown - that can be worn separately or together. Personally, I prefer to mix both shades together. I absolutely love these shades. They are not too dark at all but they're not light either. They're just perfect for me.

 Excuse the poor lighting. The shades are a little lighter and brighter than this.

This is more accurate

I wouldn't normally comment on the smell of beauty products but the smell of this product is just beautiful. I would actually open it up from time to time just to smell it. It does contain fragrance so it might not be suitable for everyone.

Some natural products just slide right off the skin after a few hours (or minutes) and some last incredibly long. I'm happy to say that this stuff lasts for hours! It doesn't fade at all. In fact, I find that it looks better after a few hours as my skin's glow seeps through, especially on a warm day.

The only downside is the price, which is not surprising considering the quality of the product. It is £33.50 for 15g. If you normally buy designer make up then I would totally recommend this as it is of premium quality. If you woudn't normally spend this much then it's definitely something to put on the Christmas list ;) It is harder to find these days, especially in the Warm Breeze shade but I have found it at Bath & Unwind for only £22! You can also find both shades at Harvey Nicholls.


Monday, 5 September 2011

Where does YOUR donation go?

It's easy to not want to give to charity when so much is spent on admin and paying the directors their huge salaries but I've found a great charity that.. wait for it... gives 100% of your donation towards its projects. That charity is the Ummah Welfare Trust (UMT).

How does it do this? Its overheads are paid for using sales from their charity shops and clothes banks, from donations made specifically for administration and from tax reclaimed from the Gift Aid scheme.

UWT has already raised around £3 million for their Horn of Africa appeal but they haven't yet reached their £5 million target so click here to find out how to donate.

Other projects include donating start-up money to help someone set up their own stall, contributing towards an orphanage in North Pakistan and installing wells in South Asia and Africa, to name a few.

It is aimed towards muslims so don't worry about charity type. Any type will do and doesn't affect your donation.

Let's make poverty history!


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sleepy Sundays

Something for a relaxing Sunday. Enjoy! xx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

What the..?

In case you're wondering what Eden Angels is, Love From Eden has had a makeover. What do you think? I hope you like it :) xx

Amka by Jo Wood Organics review

One of my favourite scents in the world is the smell of orange blossom. I have always loved it. I've grown up drinking cool water that has had fresh orange blossoms floating in it, giving it a beautiful smell and, as smell somehow alters taste, a beautiful flavour. It also reminds me of walking through my grandparents' garden in Libya in the late evening when the blossoms in the garden fill the air with a beautiful aroma. So for me, this smell is personal and nostalgic.

It comes to no surprise then that when buying a natural perfume I chose Amka by Jo Woods Organics. Amka, which translates to 'To wake' from Swahili, is described as:

"With a romantic heart of Iranian rose otto, Egyptian jasmine and bright fresh top notes of neroli and bergamot, Amka is a fragrance of energy and spontaneity. Green mandarin and sweet orange add a fresh, vibrant layer, and the whole combination is founded in a soft, spicy base of cedarwood."

The ingredients are:

Alcohol*, Orange Water*, Guarana*, Ginseng*, Ginkgo*, Grape Extract*, Orange Oil, Bergamot, Virginian Cedarwood, Mandarin Orange, Petitgrain, Orange Bitter, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Rose Otto, Jasmine* Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate, Farnesol, Benzyl Salicylate
* ingredient from organic farming

I expected a very pretty floral fragrance, especially with the rose and jasmine but I felt that the smell was too strong. Not something someone my age would wear. It was a nice smell but it didn't smell like perfume as I didn't sense the different notes in the fragrance. All I could really smell was the orange blossom, which I normally adore but it was a very strong and concentrated smell unlike the pretty and light smell of fresh orange blossom. Very close to the hot cloth wipes you sometimes get on the plane (which I love but, like I said, not something I'd want from a perfume). I would probably love it as a bath product, such as the body oil though.

So I hope my review is helpful for anyone planning on buying this as I understand how difficult it is to buy a natural perfume online without being able to smell it first. If you like the smell I described then you might love it. Perfume is quite personal and depends on our own preferences, mood, personality and what the smells mean to us, so what doesn't smell right to me might smell beautiful to you.

If you are interested in buying this or any JWO products, call the number on their website as they have a little stock left before relaunching in Spring 2012.


Matcha morning!

I LOVE the matcha chiller from Eat. Have you tried it?