Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Soap Deli-cious!

When I went shopping today, I came across The Soap Deli, owned by a lovely lady selling handmade soaps from her stall at 'Handmade Birmingham' Arts and Crafts market on Edgbaston Street (by the markets). What attracted to me to this particular stall is that her products are natural and I have been meaning to buy some natural toilettries, including soap, for some time.

Some of the scents include Vanilla, Honey and Oatmeal, Goat's Milk and Cool Mint, to name a few. It was quite difficult to choose which to take home with me as there was such a wide choice and they all smelled lovely. Because of my love for sweet dessert smells, I bought Pink Bubblegum and Chocolate Cherry. I also love cool smells so I got myself a Sea Breeze one too, which smells very refreshing.

These mini soaps usually cost only £1 each but I made advantage of the 3 for £2.70 deal, which was tied with a ribbon, perfect to give as a gift.

Pink Bubblegum was my first choice at the stall, due to its cute smell. Plus it's pink, which is always a bonus. So this was the one I chose to try out when I got home. The absense of SLS made me assume that the soap won't be easy to use as it won't create a lather but it actually lathered up quite well. As I rinsed away the foam, I could feel the silkiness of my hands as they were gently covered in a layer of the soap's natural oils. Even after I dried them they remained nice and soft. Unfortunately, the fragrance was washed away down the drain instead of lingering on my skin.

Like I said, these soaps are all natural.

Overall, I am happy with today's purchase.

If you are interested in The Soap Deli's products, which also includes bath fizzers and bath salts, you can pop along to her stall or purchase from her website.


Paula said...

what a great blog!

have a nice time!

Paris Pastry said...

Honey and Oatmeal? How fab! I bet their scents linger through the bathroom!

me :) said...

Thanks Paula. That's very kind of you x

Hi Paris Pastry. Sadly, unlike Lush Soaps, which I can smell I mile away, you can only smell these if you hold them up close to your nose :( Nonetheless, they still smell yummy x