Sunday, 7 November 2010

This month's Marie Claire (includes a freebie!)

I know, I don't normally read magazines let alone write about them. They tend to be too materialistic and their adverts can be offensive to someone like myself who knows how to disect an advert just by looking at it for a few seconds. And I really don't get all this 'celebrity' hype. This one's no different.

BUT there are quite a few things that I like about this particular issue (the one with Rihanna on the cover):
  • Free fashion bangle by ethical jeweller Made worth £11 (choose from 3 colours)
  • 25% discount on Made jewellery
  • Ethical gift ideas
  • Gardening gift ideas
  • Article on Toms giving away their millionth shoe to a child
  • Recipes full of healthy veggies
  • Beauty advice especially for black skin
  • Black model gracing the pages of their metallic make up feature
  • Worry rehab advice feature
So if you're thinking of getting one, try and get it soon before shoplifters steal the bangles out of the magazines. (I mean come on! Just because it says free it doesn't mean you can rip it out of the packet without paying for the magazine!)


1 comment:

Brownieville Girl said...

Thanks I'll have a look for Marie Claire when I'm in the shops - I love (nice) freebies!!!!