Sunday, 27 March 2011

How to save the world

Who remembered to switch off for Earth Hour? If you haven't, fear not. There are many ways to contribute to saving the planet that will also help you keep fit and save you money! Here are a few easy-peasy tips:

1) Recycle. Your local council might provide a collection service. If you're unsure, contact them and find out. Otherwise, walk to your local recycling bank. The fresh air and exercise will do you some good. My mum and I like to recycle every last bit of paper and the amount of paper we collect by collection day is just unbelievable.

2) Don't use plastic bags unless necessary. Invest in a shopping bag, which are really cheap. High Street shops have some from 99p so you can be a chic eco-warrior without breaking the bank. If you already have plastic bags at home, take them with you on your next grocery shopping trip.

3) Buy a reusable bottle and refill it instead of purchasing bottled drinks.

4) Turn off any lights and appliances you're not using such as the odd phone charger.

5) Never leave anything on standby unless you really need to.

6) Leave the car when you don't really need it. Walking can provide you with good exercise and using public transport means you don't need to pay parking fees at the car park.

7) Don't be a litter bug! If you have rubbish, throw it in the bin. Or put empty wrappers in your handbag or pockets until you do find a bin.

8) Turn off taps when you're not using them even whilst brushing your teeth.

9) Put on a jumper. I might sound like your dad but he's right.

10) Don't throw away food. Leftovers can be reinvented and eaten the next day. Leftover chicken? Make a chicken sandwich or salad for lunch tomorrow.

Don't worry about following all of these tips. Just incorporate one tip into your daily routine at a time.

Good luck saving the planet!


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