Saturday, 12 March 2011

What's for dinner?

I wasn't in the mood for cooking today so I decided to buy some nutritious soup. Not the canned variety. Never the canned variety. I love my soup completely natural without all the strange ingredients that I can never pronounce.

Sainsbury's currently have an offer (£1 instead of the normal price of £2) on selected New Covent Garden Food soups including their soup of the month. This month it is Goa Carnival. I absolutely love the bright funky packaging which immediately caught my eye. Upon reading the description of the soup, I had to have it! I love veggies and spinach and cauliflower are some of my absolute favourites. I love coconut too and have always wanted to try it in a savoury dish.

Just like the rest of the range, it was very easy and quick to cook. Whilst leaving it to heat up on the stove for 5 minutes, I toasted some slices of ciabatta then grilled it after adding a sprinkle of mature cheddar.

For a small carton, I was surprised that there was enough for me to share with others. They loved it and I did too.

The texture was thick, smooth and creamy so it filled me up quite quickly without feeling heavy afterwards. I was a little disappointed to not taste the coconut but it was still very tasty due to the lovely combination of veggies such as potatoes and cauliflower and the mild mix of spices.

Nutrition-wise, as well as being full of veggie goodness a 300ml portion is only 145 calories and 8.4g fat.

So there you have it, a healthy and warming meal in 5 minutes.

Have you had anything healthy for dinner tonight? Or are you having a weekend treat?


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