Saturday, 5 November 2011

Benjoy Pot Snacks review by Mama Angel

Hello Angels,

My son Maxwell, has been accustomed to the organix goodies food range since weaning began at 6 months but after receiving the free samples of Benjoy Munchcups, I discovered that Max is very fond of them so they will be a new addition to our shopping list. I am very interested to see what other snacks are available in the range.

The content of 100% natural ingredients was very pleasing for myself as a mother who is very cautious of unhealthy food products aimed at children.

The nutrition breakdown of both the vegetable mini crisps and the crunchy grape slices left me very satisfied indeed and was happy for my son to munch away.

It is a relief to see new brands promoting and providing healthy snacks for babies, toddlers and children. This new range has a very unique and different approach in terms of the adventurous variations.

Whilst observing Max, I found the snack pots were easy for his small hands to grasp. The anti-spill layer worked really well as Max avoided dropping any and the pot allowed enough room for my son’s fingers to reach inside. The aesthetics were very interesting, Max liked looking at the colourful designs.

We found these to be suitable as a mid morning snack. Max enjoyed the crunchy texture and was able to manage the easy bite size pieces. I tried one and found them deliciously sweet. It is good to acknowledge that when the water is removed from the grape, the nutrition is still high and it is counted as one of the 5 a day recommendations. The absence of unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients was very good to see.

Max ate all the contents of one pot per day over four days and I am pleased to his stools were normal. Max seemed full until dinnertime. The after effects in terms of mess were not too bad although he did need to wash his hand and have his face wiped but there was no major clearing up. The empty pots and cardboard were recyclable which as an environmentalist, I approve of very much.

Max enjoyed these very much and being high in Vitamin A and fibre, I enjoyed watching him eating them. However, it was a shame that they were not to be considered as one portion of fruit & veg but the nutritional value did keep Max happy and full up before his evening meal.

After trying one, I found their taste had a lot of flavours, without salt and no artificial ingredients too was very pleasing. The crisps left crumbs, more so than the grape slices but nothing damaging to clothes. Maxwell did have sticky fingers and a messy face after consuming the crisps.

Overall, Maxwell 'benjoyed' the snacks very much and they make a filling and healthy snack.

Find Benjoy snacks at Morrisons and Waitrose starting at 79p a pot or £2.49 for a pack of 4. See the list of stockists here.

Love Mama Anna xx

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