Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Thea Skincare Rebalance Clarity Creme Foaming Face Cleanser and Moisturiser

Thea Skincare is a completely natural skincare line with products to suit different skin types. The products I'm reviewing are the Rebalance Clarity Creme Foaming Face Cleanser and Moisturiser for oily/ acne skin.

I got sick of using oily cleansers as they left my skin greasy, especially when natural cosmetics contain a lot of oils too. So I was happy that there is a cleanser that is suitable for oily skin. The cleanser is a light gel that can be quickly and easily massaged onto the skin to create a little foam.

It has a beautiful sweet smell (floral perhaps?) which I absolutely adore. It is very easily washed off unlike oily cleansers which require a lot of rubbing and if anything gets in my eyes (and something always does) it doesn't sting my eyes at all. I am left with a completely cleansed face without the natural oils stripped from my skin. It's not exactly a make up remover but it removes make up very gently. Removing mascara requires some working in of the product so I recommend using an eye make up remover if you don't wish to rub your eyes.

I don't normally use moisturiser after cleansing but after using a microdermabrasion system my skin was fairly dry and sore for a few days. The Clarity Creme Face Moisturiser was a lifesaver as it cooled down my skin and reduced the soreness and also kept my skin moisturised, hydrated and soft without making it greasy.

I don't like the smell so much.. it's a little medicinal. There isn't a full ingredients list on the website or the packaging so I'm not entirely sure what it is. But the smell is very mild you wouldn't even notice. The fact that no fragrance is added was perfect for me as my skin was feeling sensitive and fragranced moisturisers made it feel more inflamed. Even though the consistency is a thick cream, it isn't greasy at all, it is absorbed really well and it didn't give me any blemishes.

The only flaws I can find are the double cap on the cleanser (see above), which is a bit of a waste, the bigger cap comes off really easily when in an overnight bag for example and the lack of a full ingredients list on the website. Other than that I can't fault the products at all and they work amazingly well.

Overall, I love these products. They're not fussy with packaging and fragrances and clearly focus on making products that work great. I think from what I've tried from this range so far, it is very good quality and one of the best natural skincare ranges I've tried.

So if you have oily or acne skin and find natural products too oily then I would recommend trying these products out. If you have a different skin type then check them out as they have something for everyone. Oh and also check out the lovely gift sets too!

The cleansers costs £7.95 for 50ml and £13.95 for 100ml and the moisturiser is £22.95 for 50ml at Theaskincare.com.


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