Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year's Resolution 1: Save

Hi everyone!

As you may know from my last post, I'm trying to save money as part of my new years resolution. This is gonna be a hard one as I love to shop. Here are a few ways I'm going to do this. I hope they'll be helpful.

This is a difficult one for me as I like to make budgets but I never follow them. Write up a budget of all your necessities but give yourself a little pocket money to treat yourself. If there's something on your budget you feel you don't really need like a beauty box subscription, cable or your daily cappuccino, consider giving it up. Add up your savings goal to really motivate you to follow this through. If there something you're saving for? Draw or paste a picture of it to really get you going. Like a beautiful beach or simply lots more money in the bank.

Find a new hobby
Try a new hobby that is either cheap or free and a great money-saving alternative to eating out or shopping. Got a camera gathering dust? Take it out and experiment with all the functions. Edit them on free software like Paint.net and just have fun with it! There are lots of hobbies so try a new or even old hobby and enjoy it!

We can't get away from companies trying to sell us something. It's everywhere we go. On billboards, magazines, TV, email... But we can minimise the amount of advertising we get. I get so many emails from companies daily, tempting me with their offers and latest lines. So I decided to go through my email and click on the unsubscribe link on each newsletter. Do the same on social network sites by unliking/ unfollowing them. You'll save lots of time too.

Find cheaper alternatives
There's a cheaper alternative to almost everything and if you spend less on everything you buy, the savings add up. Try price comparison sites. I like to use mysupermarket.com before I go shopping for groceries.

Carry a list
When going shopping, carry a list and stick to it. If you see something you like, leave it and see how you feel about it once you're home. You may find that you've changed your mind about it, realise that it's too pricey or unnecessary or you may have forgotten all about it.

Borrow/ swap with friends
If you're looking to buy something you'll only use once like a book or dvd, ask friends if they have one lying around. Just remember to be a good sport and give it back as soon as you're done with it.

Be creative
If there's something you want, can you use what you have instead? I've been wanting to get a matte nude eyeshadow palette for a little while. I then realised that I have a blush that is too dark for me but looks so beautiful on the crease.

So these are my tips for saving a little money. Got any other tips for me?



Miss Polly said...

that's a great list! Particularly the shopping list idea. We menu plan - i list all the meals for the week, write down what food we need to make those meals, then go shopping. Works very very well - saves you money and means no wasted food.

Eden Angel said...

That's a very good tip, thanks :)