Saturday, 29 January 2011

Nvey erase concealer

Nvey erase concealer is a natural and organic product made up of many different oils, kaolin and beeswax to name a few. It also contains natural sunscreen that gives moderate protection from the sun.

I've been hearing great things about this concealer and really wanted to try it. But with its £18 price tag, it was way over what I would consider a fair price for a concealer. Especially since a lot of natural cosmetics don't tend to work as well as the synthetic kind. It seemed too risky. But I'm glad I took that risk!

This concealer is just perfect. It is more than perfect. Better than any other concealer I've tried my entire life.

The texture is a hard cream. You just need to rub your finger on it a few times to get enough concealer needed for coverage because unlike a lot of concealers, you only need to apply a thin layer, avoiding that cakey look. Plus it means that the concealer would last a long time, justifying the £18.

The concealer can be used to cover anything. So it works on blemishes, dark areas, red patches, freckles.. you name it. I have plenty of these so consider it tried and tested!

By the end of the day, the concealer has stayed put with none of the creases I used to get from other concealers. I still looked wide awake and fresh even by the evening!

Will I buy it again? Definitely!

If you're still looking for that perfect concealer then I would recommend getting Nvey erase concealer from Love Lula or Naturisimo.



anagoesgreen said...

I have been looking at this for a while now and have been undecided but this post may have just swung it! I love nveys eyeshadow palettes and blush so this will be next on my list!

Love From Eden said...

You won't be disappointed :)