Tuesday, 19 April 2011

'What have you got to hide, Nigella?'?!

I wasn't very happy to read this article about Nigella Lawson today. Why must a woman be ridiculed just for covering up? If she wishes to cover up at the beach for whatever reason whether for modesty or to protect against sunburn, then what's the problem? Does a woman have to wear a string bikini at a beach in order to gain respect? I'm sure the media would still poke fun at her if she wore a bikini.

I'm not saying it's a pretty thing to wear but I personally believe that Nigella Lawson is a respectful and talented woman and I praise her for having the guts to dress this way.

What do you think?



Jacqueline said...

I think its terrible for a woman to be shunned for her modesty. The media is really putting a lot of young pressure on young girls (im 17) to wear skimpy clothing. She is a very bodacious woman and absolutely stunning with nothing to hide, so so what if she wants to keep covered. plus, we dont know her full story. Maybe shes on medication where she couldnt be out in the sun?

Kristin said...

Must we be judged everywhere? So sad!

anne lauren said...

I think it is sad that she was ridiculed. Though this isn't the most stylish swimsuit, it certainly is modest. These days it is extremely difficult to find a swimsuit that is modest. I'm not a bikini fan personally.