Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Year's Resolution 3: Lose Weight

Hello everyone!

I know it's almost the end of January (where has the month gone!) but I still have one more resolution to talk about. To lose weight. You've probably come across so many articles this month talking about losing weight. Personally, I find that many of them give the most obvious advice and that not everything works for everyone. You just have to find something that works for you. I'm going to tell you what works for me.

Swap your sweetener! I have an incredibly sweet tooth. Not only that but I drink a lot of tea and always have to have my two sugars in each mug. Three mugs later and it all adds up. Not only is sugar high in calories but it raises your blood sugar and feeds candida, to name a few. Since I've heard a lot of crazy things about synthetic sweeteners, I decided to try Xylitol by Total Sweet as a natural substitute. I'll be reviewing this very soon! An alternative is Stevia but I'm very suspicious of the ones I've come across in the supermarkets as I've heard that they're not pure and they're heavily processed. I'm not surprised considering these certain brands are owned by unhealthy carbonated drinks manufacturers.

Another thing I've been doing is taking a healthy snack like fruit or a Nakd bar and a bottle of water with me when I go out. That way, if I get hungry I don't resort to buying an unhealthy snack. It's a great way to avoid shopping when hungry too.

Fill up to eat less. It doesn't take long for me to fancy a snack after eating a meal so I'm trying to add more vegetables and salad to my meals to fill me up. Just as long as you avoid the starchy veggies and salad dressing, you'll be bringing more nutrition to your meals. I especially love to top a meal with lots of fresh spinach.

Images courtesy of gt_pann

Drink more. I love water so this is an easy one for me. It's a great way to fill up and keep hydrated.

Treat yourself! We all feel like a little treat now and then. As I don't like dark chocolate (It's more of a punishment than a treat for me), I go for rich milk chocolate that satisfies me in just a biteful. Hotel Chocolat have a great selection. More pricey than conventional brands but considering how satisfying they are compared to cheaper chocolates, plus they taste amazing and they're ethical, they are totally worth the money.

In terms of exercise, I'll be going to the gym but not for a few more weeks as I always have much more energy in the Spring. Until then, walking will do. I absolutely love to walk and it makes me feel great! I'm also hoping to take up yoga again as being stuck at home when it's cold and dark makes me feel sluggish. My Yoga Online have a huge selection and their subscription is very affordable.

So these are the rules I'm sticking to for now.

Got any easy tips for me?



Grace & Beauty said...

Great advice! I've been trying to boost my water intake.

sugarpuffish said...

I am doing the same as you & carrying around Nakd bars & dried fruit to snack on. The key for me is finding a naturally sweet healthy option & it easily curbs my sweet tooth. I'm also cutting out the fizzy drinks, I don't have many to begin with but now I am down to one a week rather than 2-3 cans.

Cat0805 said...

Great post! Another little tip, try and add protein to each meal, as this fills you up more and releases energy regularly, plus they tend to be low in calories :D

Hope it goes well for you darling!