Friday, 16 September 2011

Bottlepink Review

A few days ago, I showed you the glamorous limited edition Bottlepink drink by Bottlegreen. It comes in their Pomegranate & Elderflower sparkling presse and cordial and 10% of the sales are donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I also promised you a review. So here it is!

So a little info on Bottlegreen first. Bottlegreen drinks are a range of still and sparkling drinks as well as cordials made completely from natural ingredients. So no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They have very unique flavours such as Green Tea & Elderflower and Lemon & Lime Leaf. A much more grown up and posh version of orange squash.

I have always been curious about their drinks so I was happy to receive their Bottlepink cordial to try.

I'm not usually a fan of cordials mostly because I can never make them properly but also because many of them aren't very healthy and taste too sweet. I experimented with different concentrations of the Bottlepink cordial. The first attempts were either way too sweet and strong or too bland and dry but I eventually found the concentration I like. I add just enough of the cordial to cool water to give it a nice pomegranate flavour and a little sweetness. It also gives the water a pinky peach colour and a lovely light floral smell. It reminds me of water flavoured with flowers like rose or orange blossom, which I love.

Light but oh so yummy!

I love water and drink lots of it but the taste of tap water puts me off so flavouring water with the Pomegranate & Elderflower cordial should get me to drink lots more of the tapped stuff.

So overall, I quite like this cordial. It is a great drink that makes a change from the usual flavours and you can dilute it to suit your taste. I wouldn't drink it at the concentration recommended on the bottle as it is not to my own personal taste and is too strong and sweet for me but at my own preferred concentration it tastes very refreshing. It's also very versatile and can be used in cocktails (or mocktails if, like me, you don't drink) or in homemade ice lollies or pretty much anything you like. I would love to dilute it using sparkling water and pour it in a long glass over vanilla ice cream before the weather gets any colder. Yum!

Would I buy this? Yes! But I would use it to make flavoured water instead.

Bottlepink, as well as the rest of the Bottlegreen range, costs £2.99 (500ml) at most major supermarkets. A great price considering you can make lots out of just one bottle.



beth said...

that sounds yummy. must try!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna look out for this. thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

yum i want!