Monday, 5 September 2011

Where does YOUR donation go?

It's easy to not want to give to charity when so much is spent on admin and paying the directors their huge salaries but I've found a great charity that.. wait for it... gives 100% of your donation towards its projects. That charity is the Ummah Welfare Trust (UMT).

How does it do this? Its overheads are paid for using sales from their charity shops and clothes banks, from donations made specifically for administration and from tax reclaimed from the Gift Aid scheme.

UWT has already raised around £3 million for their Horn of Africa appeal but they haven't yet reached their £5 million target so click here to find out how to donate.

Other projects include donating start-up money to help someone set up their own stall, contributing towards an orphanage in North Pakistan and installing wells in South Asia and Africa, to name a few.

It is aimed towards muslims so don't worry about charity type. Any type will do and doesn't affect your donation.

Let's make poverty history!



Jo said...

i'm glad i found you on twitter. i was just discussing this with some friends earlier and i've been looking for a good charity that didn't waste so much money on admin when there are so many hungry people needing to be fed! i will defintly let everyone know about this x

helen said...

thanks for the link :)