Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dr. Hauschka Powder Duo review

For once in I don't know how many years, I have spend the entire summer in England so not much sunshine for me. ok we did get a lot of sunshine but not hot enough by my Mediterranean standards, let's face it. I still have my tan lines from last summer. That's how crazy hot it was!

Thankfully, with the right make up, I have been able to fake it and look like I've been sunbathing abroad all summer. If you're lucky enough to have been sunbathing all summer (safely, hopefully) then you can keep looking hot throughout autumn by using a bronzer.

Dr. Hauschka have a very beautiful bronzer called Summer Impressions Powder Duo that will leave your skin looking sunkissed all day. It comes in 01 Cool Breeze or 02 Warm Breeze (I have it in Warm Breeze). It is in powder form and contains two shades - a dark peachy colour and a shimmery brown - that can be worn separately or together. Personally, I prefer to mix both shades together. I absolutely love these shades. They are not too dark at all but they're not light either. They're just perfect for me.

 Excuse the poor lighting. The shades are a little lighter and brighter than this.

This is more accurate

I wouldn't normally comment on the smell of beauty products but the smell of this product is just beautiful. I would actually open it up from time to time just to smell it. It does contain fragrance so it might not be suitable for everyone.

Some natural products just slide right off the skin after a few hours (or minutes) and some last incredibly long. I'm happy to say that this stuff lasts for hours! It doesn't fade at all. In fact, I find that it looks better after a few hours as my skin's glow seeps through, especially on a warm day.

The only downside is the price, which is not surprising considering the quality of the product. It is £33.50 for 15g. If you normally buy designer make up then I would totally recommend this as it is of premium quality. If you woudn't normally spend this much then it's definitely something to put on the Christmas list ;) It is harder to find these days, especially in the Warm Breeze shade but I have found it at Bath & Unwind for only £22! You can also find both shades at Harvey Nicholls.



Gourmet Chick said...

Ooh I have always wondered about these products - sounds like it is worth the cash for smell alone!

Eden Angel said...

It really does smell pretty xx

zoe said...

this luks like a great product. i think i will pop it on my xmas wish list ;)

Anonymous said...

i love dr hauschka make up. v good quality.