Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What's Green, Black and yummy all over?

We've all heard of Organic chocolate and we've all heard of Fair Trade chocolate. But not very often do you find chocolate that is both Fairtrade and organic, so you can truly indulge guilt-free.

I'm talking about Green & Black's, which I'm sure you've already guessed. ok the title probably gave it away too.

Although they have been bought by Cadbury's which were then acquired by Kraft, Green & Black's still sticks to its principles of providing excellent quality chocolate produced ethically from bean to bar, which is the reason why after a moment of distress thinking I would have to break up with one of my favourite chocolate brands, we still remain in love.

I was kindly sent some of their chocolates to try and review.

My favourite has to be Butterscotch, which wasn't sent to me but I have to share how delicious this is. It is the first Green & Black's chocolate I've ever tasted and I fell in love from first bite. It's rich in cocoa (34%) but satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time with the pieces of crunchy toffee. It's the perfect balance between cocoa, milk and sugar. A combination made in heaven. Just a few squares of this and I'm satisfied. So if you ever have the need to gorge down a huge bar of milk chocolate (we all feel like like that sometimes don't we), a few squares of this will sure hit the spot.

Almond is another one of my absolute favourites. This one contains 37% cocoa and lots of roasted almonds that taste so fresh and give the bar a lovely crunch. The almonds have their skins left, on which gives the chocolate a slight bitter taste but this is complemented with the sweetness of the bar.

If I can't tempt you to try either as you simply prefer less cocoa, Creamy Milk is another fave. What I love about this is how the different layers of flavour.. the creamy milk, the rich cocoa, the sweetness... build up in my mouth and I can feel the different parts of my tongue getting more and more excited. Compare this to most milk chocolates that have a 'flat' one layer taste, if that makes any sense. So don't let the innocent name fool you. This is no ordinary milk chocolate.

Caramel and Mint sounded extremely tempting at first. I am a huge fan of caramel filled chocolates (naughty, I know) and I love minty chocolates occasionally such as After Eight. I am not, however, a fan of chocolates containing alcohol and the taste of the alcohol in both of these bars ruined the taste for me. There's no hint on the packaging that it contains alcohol except in the ingredients list. But if you love alcohol chocolates, which there aren't many options out there on the market, then you might be tempted to try out these flavours.

White Chocolate is like the more mature version of Milkybar - because grown ups like white chocolate too. It is very creamy without being too milky or too sweet. It supposedly contains Madagascan vanilla in there but it's difficult to distinguish between the vanilla and creamy white chocolate flavours as they're very similar. The packaging is a little confusing. It does state 30% cocoa but looking at the ingredients list I assume by that they mean 30% cocoa butter.

Now we all have our own particular tastes when it comes to most things; chocolate being one of them. I prefer milk chocolates but occasionally prefer extra rich cocoa but not as far as craving plain or dark chocolate. So I will have to warn you that I'm going to be biased.

I've only gotten as far as trying a few bites of two of the dark chocolates as I know that the rest will be strong for my taste buds. I normally love coffee flavoured chocolates but the Espresso bar (70% cocoa) was too strong for me. Then again this is espresso and not a milky latte so expect a strong one! Maya Gold, 55% cocoa infused with orange and delicate spices, has a truly unique taste. It reminds me of Christmas cakes with the fruity and sweet spice flavours. This isn't too dark for my own personal taste though I still prefer milkier chocolates. I can see myself melting this and pouring it over a sponge cake. Yum! There are also Hazelnut and Currant, Dark and Cherry in the dark category.

I think I'll be reserving the dark chocolates to try out one of their recipes. Would that be something you'd like to see on Eden Angels?

Do you have a favourite Green & Black's flavour? Maybe one you haven't tasted yet but are tempted to try?



sugarpuffish said...

Sound lovely but I can only admire from afar...dairy allergy :(

Eden Angel said...

sorry sugarpuffish :(

emma said...

I looooove Green and Black's! A bit pricey but it tastes SO good! THIS is REAL chocolate!

layla said...

i want some :( only tried milk but i must hunt down the butterscotch. tc x