Friday, 7 January 2011

Are natural brands really that natural?

I get really annoyed when I see brands branding themselves as natural. Some go as far as calling themselves natural, since this word has no legal meaning, and some like to put pretty flowers and green font on their packaging to make them look like they use natural ingredients. And then you have the ones that only mention the natural ingredients in their products on the front of the packaging.

I find it very deceiving when companies do this and take advantage of our willingness to spend more money for safer products. If they want to target customers who care about what they put on their skin then it's a matter of choosing only natural/ safe ingredients and not just branding it as so.

A little while ago, I won a bottle of Caudalie cleansing water from I really needed a new cleanser as using olive oil to remove my make up made me break out.

Doesn't it look so natural!

So I started using it right away thinking 'Naturisimo only sell natural/ safe products so there is no need to bother researching each ingredient'. I was so wrong! Other than containing fragrance (which could contain anything!) it also has Poloxamer 184 as the second ingredient after water, which has a toxicity rating of 7-8.

I was looking forward to reviewing this product as it worked so well but how well it works means nothing when it contains such a toxic ingredient.

So let this be a reminder for me to check every single ingredient! And please also let it serve as a reminder for you to also do this. It may be time consuming but it is totally worth it.



anagoesgreen said...

Caudalie clearly isn't the most natural brand that you can find at naturisimo however I find it strange that the overall rating of the product on the skindeep database is only a 4 if that ingredient is so bad it is a 7-8??? I do look at skin deep but to be honest I don't think the info is all that accurate I personally would still use it but if you want a 100% natural and organic cleanser check out spiezia I have heard great things from friends! I won the Dr Alkaitis cleanser and it has worked miracles on my skin so I am really grateful of the free product!

Love From Eden said...

I think they take an average rating from each individual ingredient rating. So I don't find the overall rating very reliable, especially considering that the Poloxamer 184 is the second main ingredient rather than just one of the ones used the least.
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out :)