Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Great deals on healthy treats

Sainsbury's have Feel Good sparkling drinks for half price. So that's only £1.04 for 750ml.
These drinks are 100% natural and 80% fruit. So none of that nasty stuff you usually get in fizzy drinks.
I have tried the White Grape and Peach one so far and it's yum-may! Raspberry and Passionfruit is out of stock at my local Sainsbury's :'( so I'd have to look for it at another branch. I can't wait to try it.

Another deal is on Rachel's Organic Divine Rice - only £1! The great thing about this is that it actually contains real ingredients and none of that funky stuff you get in many tinned rice puddings. It contains two pots so you can take it to work or eat it on the go.

If you have a child then you might be interested in this assortement of Rachel's Organic My First Yogurt. Only £1.19 for 4 pots. If you don't have a child, then get it for yourself!

Happy snacking!


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