Friday, 14 January 2011

More Plantlove reviews

As you may already know, a few days ago I got some Cargo Plantlove cosmetics that I ordered from I got the eyeshadow in Swan and the lipstick in Sarah and Maria.


Just like the Plantlove eyeshadows I bought previously, Swan is the perfect texture. It's nice and soft without being creamy so it's quick and easy to apply. I chose Swan because I wanted my eyelids to look brighter. Plus it is a must-have when teaming it with the Maria lipstick for a vintage glamour look or with a little bit of the Sarah lipstick for a nude sixties look.

My only problem is that eyeshadows always melt on my eyelids after a few hours so I must remember to try using a primer beforehand.


Maria is blue-red shade of red. A definite must-have for my make up bag as this classic shade goes with almost any outfit. It has a glow to it so in the daytime you can just blot it and set it with powder to eliminate the glossiness.


Sarah is in fact a shimmery light pink and not the colour my camera somehow picked up. As I have olive skin, it makes my skin look darker so I only rub a small amount of the lipstick to give them a soft pink tint.

Both lipsticks have a creamy texture so they are quick and easy to apply and the oils keep my lips soft. They both stay on for hours and hours. I can eat and drink without them coming off too. It's not something you would expect an all natural lipstick to do, but there you have it! It just shows that all natural products CAN work better than the synthetic ones.

I must mention that all the lipsticks come in a box that is embedded with wildflower seeds that you can plant and love ;) PLUS, the plastic casing of all Plantlove products are in fact made from corn that is much kinder to the environment.

Overall, they are all really great products, just like the ones I bought last time. I would definitely recommend Plantlove so give them a go. At half price, they are definitely worth a try.

Considering there isn't much of the range left on the site and they're on offer, I'm hoping Puresha won't be getting rid of this line. From my knowledge, no other retailer stocks Plantlove. So please, please, PLEASE, Puresha, don't take away my Plantlove! :'(


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