Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Beauty e-tailers reviews

One of the great things about Niche brands, whether manufacturers or retailers, is their customer service. With a smaller customer base than more generic brands, they can afford to spend more time and effort on each customer. I can't say that they're all great, unfortunately, but I only offer 100% honest reviews. I hope that those with not-so-great customer service would be happy to read some constructive criticism if they care about improving their level of service.

Today, I will be reviewing the beauty e-retailers.

I LOVE Love Lula. Their range of products is pretty big with different price ranges so there's something for everyone. The packaging is adorable! Perfect if you want to send the order as a gift to someone special.

You can tell that a lot of care has been put into packing the order. That does mean that I'm left with a lot of 'artificial hay' but that also means I can put it in gift bags for my friends. The p&p is pretty decent at £3 and free with orders over £30 but when you're only making a small purchase such as a bar of soap then you're better off buying it elsewhere.

UPDATE: Love Lula now offers FREE Super Saver delivery!

In terms of their website, what I like about it the most is that customers can add their own reviews to each product page so you can read about other customers' views before you buy. They also have a point collecting scheme so you can collect points whenever you shop to spend on their website.

I've never had any queries or complaints so I can't review them on how well they deal with queries.

Naturisimo has an even greater range of products. It is probably my favourite if I'm buying one product as they do free delivery, which is super fast. So if you're simply buying a few toiletries for the home or a new lipgloss you like, then you're better off getting it from here.

I also find that their products are much cheaper than anywhere else but it's best to compare prices yourself.

Their packaging is nothing special. Just some cute tissue paper in a bubble-wrap lined envelope. But that's not important to me, especially when their minimal packaging saves on delivery costs. Oh and don't forget to add five free samples to your order before you check out! Just don't pop the same sample in two different orders or you'll get a note on your receipt telling you're supposed to do that as I did :S

Again, I've never returned anything or sent a query so I can't review them on this area.

Amarya tend to stock mostly luxury brands so unless you can afford to spoil yourself regularly then you might find it a great website to buy luxury gifts. They also offer free delivery and a point collecting scheme. They used to offer free gift wrapping, which looked like this...

Cute, eh?

...but there are no signs of this service on their website anymore so I don't know how they package their orders these days.

They have a 28 day guarantee if you ever need to return anything. See their T&Cs. Last time I returned a couple of things and they gave me a refund right away and replied to my emails very quickly.

Puresha have taken a long break from trading and I really hope they come back as it is the only website that stock Cargo Plantlove products :( However, their products were quite expensive. I've only ever bought Cargo Plantlove products from them, which were on sale.

In terms of customer service, well it's kinda complicated...

I had a problem getting a refund for a product I returned as the shade was waaaaaay off how it looked on their website. It took weeks to be resolved simply because they were aware that they had problems with their customer service emails and didn't bother providing a new email on their website. Eventually I got a refund for the product and not the cost of returning it.

However, there are plenty of nice things to say about Puresha. Their staff are lovely and they seemed to be genuinely sorry about the problems I had so I forgive them. I'd rather not write about my negative experience but I want to be honest. I also love the cute furoshiki the order comes in...

I hope you enjoyed reading my retailer reviews. Have you shopped at these retailers or any other natural beauty retailers before? I'd love to hear your views.

I'll be reviewing beauty brands customer service soon so keep an eye out for that.



Kay said...

thanks for this. its hard to find natural products so this will be useful. have a nice day!

charlotte said...

love lula is my fave! xo