Friday, 19 August 2011

SLS in my natural mascara??!

Recently, I've begun to notice that my eyelashes are becoming quite thin and short. I never had long lashes to begin with but they were definitely much longer and thicker than they are now. Then I hear that both Love Lula and Naturisimo are not stocking Une mascaras as they contain SLS! Could this be the reason why my lashes have been damaged? I'm guessing so!

To my knowledge, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is considered safe but may be irritating to certain people. It may also have degreasing properties, which may leave some users with a dry scalp when using SLS shampoo. I'm no scientist but this is what I have found out so far from various materials such as Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano (amazing book! Get it from The Book Depository!). I haven't found any evidence to suggest that SLS have caused my lashes to become thin and short but I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm very disappointed that they would even think to put such a harsh ingredient in their products, especially a product that is used so close to the eyes! Thankfully, I don't have sensitive skin but I'd imagine that a customer with sensitive skin who trusts Une to be safer than other brands (as they supposedly care about their ingredients so much that a lot of their ingredients are organic) would be in shock!

So just a heads up and a reminder to read the ingredients list carefully because even brands that carry a lot of certified organic products may have an ingredient or two that would surprise you.


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Anonymous said...

omg i have to read the ingredients in my mascara now