Monday, 22 August 2011

Diamond Geezer

Even though nail polish isn't applied on the skin, some of the toxins can be inhaled or they can pollute the environment once removed from the nails. I haven't come across any 100% safe and natural alternatives but there are safer options out there if you want to go three-free. This means free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

I tend to go for very 'conservative' colours like reds, pinks and nudes but I wanted to try out a funky colour for a change. I've been meaning to try silver for a while and have recently been inspired by Catherine Pierce to be brave and give it a go. In the video of It Will Not Be Forgotten, she has very pretty metallic silver nails. The nail polish I bought is called Diamond Geezer by Butter London.

Diamond Geezer

I'm a sucker for cute packaging and the little
birdy on the lid is super cute!

With flash

Without flash

With flash, you can see that it looks kinda glittery and without flash it has a pretty cool mirror effect that I much prefer. So it all depends what lighting you're under.

I actually have two coats of polish in these pics. The first coat was wearing off by the next day so I had to apply another. With two coats, however, it seems to last pretty well. I've had it on for two days so far and on very close inspection it's only wearing off on the tips but nothing obvious.

Butter London have a huge range of shades. They normally costs £12 for 11ml but you can get it for £9.60 with free delivery from If that's too pricey, e.l.f. have three-free polishes for only £1.50 (10ml). I haven't compared the rest of the ingredients but they are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

Happy polishing! :)



sameera said...

thts a v funky colour. i like! really cool blog by the way. sam

Mary said...

i didnt know about 3 free varnish. The thought of living without colourful nails was daunting to me so im glad to read this. ill check them out thanks!