Monday, 15 August 2011

Say NO to cruel cosmetics

You'd think that in this day and age testing on animals for the sake of vanity would be long dead. But not only are many companies still testing ingredients/ products on animals (or getting someone else to do the dirty work for them), EU officials are considering allowing it to happen beyond the previous ban deadline of 2013.

I personally think it's unfair that animals are being treated this way just for the sake of giving us even longer lashes (if you believe those ads),  100% more voluminous hair (I'm pretty sure those are extensions) or yet another wrinkle cream that doesn't work (I hear rosehip oil works wonders).

If you don't use products that are tested on animals then that's great but there are still many companies out there that get away with selling animal tested products to customers. One thing you can do to stop this is to fill in this petition telling the European Parliament that we are against animal cruelty and don't want animal tested products, and to urge them to vote against delaying the ban.

Remember to share this with your friends so we can get as many signatures as possible!



sarahparkes said...

I can't believe this is still happening. Thank you for making me aware of the petition xx

Ashley said...

Animal testing is so cruel and unnecessary! Thank you for posting about it- so many people aren't aware of where their favorite beauty products come from:(