Saturday, 8 October 2011

Nakd Infused Raisins

I try to eat healthily but one thing I really need to change about my diet is to eat more fruit. I just don't enjoy the stuff. I love raisins but they do get boring after a while. I have a huge bag of raisins in the cupboard that I bought intending to eat them more often but that never happens. So I was excited to try Nakd infused raisins, especially as they come in such interesting flavours like Crazy Cola and Tangy Lime, to name a few.

Crazy Cola tastes exactly like... cola. I know that's obvious but how many times do you find a healthy product claiming to taste like something not-so-healthy but it actually tastes completely wrong? I didn't think I would like these because raisins and cola are quite a combination! But I enjoyed them A LOT!

Tangy Lime is my favourite out of the two. They taste like sweets. Kind of like Lime flavoured Starburst. Very fruity! Just like Crazy Cola and the rest of the Nakd range, they're 100% natural. So no dodgy additives in these babies.

I enjoyed both of these flavours and can't wait to try the rest like Cherry infused raisins and Pineapple infused raisins. Definitely something to stock up on. They're great to keep in the handbag for when I'm out and get a bit peckish or for long journeys.

So if you're trying to get your kids to eat more fruit, or even if trying to get yourself to eat more fruit, I recommend these raisins 100%.


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kath said...

i must look out for these. my kids will love em xx