Monday, 24 October 2011

Soy Candle Collection Review

Most candles on the market are made from paraffin wax - not something I want to be breathing in! So I was happy when Soy Candle Collection kindly wrote to me asking if I'd love to try some of their products.

I was even happier to open the parcel to find two of my favourite scents from their collection: Sandalwood & Vanilla and Coconut & Lime Verbena.. yummm!

The candles come in recyclable packaging but I think I'll reuse them after they're finished. The tin makes a lovely trinket holder and the glass pots make a cute little tea light holder.

Before burning the candles, I took a long smell of these and they smell amazing. Sandalwood & Vanilla smells like expensive perfume and Coconut & Lime Verbena doesn't smell much like either coconut or lime to me but very pleasantly has a lovely refreshing and cool smell. Reminds me of holidays.

When the candles are being burned, the scents don't let out much fragrance and I find that the same with many candles. However, the smell of the Sandalwood & Vanilla candle lingers for a while after I blow it out and I love smelling it as I drift to sleep at night.

In terms of the burning time.. wow! I actually forgot the Coconut & Lime Verbena candle lit in my bedroom for over 5 hours (!!) I'm lucky the house didn't burn down! But it was still lit when I got back.

Overall, the smells are lovely but just like many candles, don't have much fragrance when lit. However, they burn forever. OK maybe not forever but I've had them on for hours and they're still pretty much full.

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