Thursday, 13 October 2011

Trek Review

Hello Angels!

Remember those tasty raw fruit snack bars by Nakd that I reviewed a little while ago? Well they also have a similar product range called Trek. Trek are a range of energy bars made of only raw fruit, grains, nuts, soya crispies, ginseng extract, ginko extract and some products also contain cocoa. They are full of energy and protein so they're great and very convenient for long hikes, weight training, running or any physical activity really.

I'll be honest.. I'm not the most active person. However, I did find these bars so convenient when I have a long day ahead of me but no time for breakfast. A much wiser choice than picking up a latte and doughnut on my way to university, I'll tell you that!

Trek bars have about twice the amount of calories than Nakd bars so I wouldn't advice to have these as a snack unless you are very active. They make a healthy meal replacement bar if you have no time to eat. They are almost twice the size of the Nakd bars so they're quite filling.

I was sent the Cocoa Brownie and Peanut & Oat to try.

The taste and texture of both bars are a little similar to the Nakd bars. I found them a little drier, less sweet and less tasty though to be honest. But that's not to say that I didn't like them. Just like the Nakd bars, I love the combination of fruit and nuts which give them a lovely flavour and texture. I also like the little soya crispies which are like tiny puffs of rice.

Cocoa Brownie

Dates (40%),Soya Crispies (15%), Raisins (13%), Peanuts (8%), Cocoa (4%), Oats, Apple Juice,
Ginseng Extract, Ginko Extract.

Calories (per 56g bar): 216

Protein (per 56g bar): 11g

I was excited to try this as I thought it would be nice and chocolately, just like an actual brownie. I couldn't taste the cocoa in the Cocoa Brownie at all :( But I still enjoyed it as it's very similar to Nakd bars in that it's full of yummy dates and raisins. If you don't like raisins, just like I said in my Nakd review, the raisins are minced up so you get the lovely flavour without the raisin texture.

Peanut & Oats

Dates (38%), Raisins (12%), Peanuts (12%), Soya Crispies (10%), Peanut butter (7%), Apple Juice, Oats,
Ginseng Extract, Ginko Extract.

Calories (per 56g bar): 239 kcal

Protein (per 56g bar): 11g

This has to be my favourite out of the two bars. It's a little drier than Cocoa Brownie, probably due to the oats, but it has a lot more flavour and texture because of the peanuts and I love peanuts! Just like the Cocoa Brownie, it is full of dates and raisins, which give it lots of flavour and takes away some of the dryness.

Overall, I quite like these bars. My only disappointment is that they are a little dry and lack any interesting flavours but they still taste very nice. However, as an energy/ protein bar and not necessarily something to 'indulge' in, they are quite satisfying and very healthy too.

I would recommend Trek to anyone active looking for a natural alternative to all the energy and protein bars out there and also if you are always busy and have little time for breakfast or lunch.

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