Sunday, 16 October 2011

Spot-free the natural way

I've been getting so many spots the past few months. I assumed that they were stress-related as I had so many assignment deadlines but they went on for months and months. On top of that, I was using a lot of natural products on my face, which tend to contain lots of oils, so that might have been another contributing factor. It was only when I started using tea-tree oil, which is anti-bacterial, that I've realised that the cause may be bacteria clogging my pores. 

I was unsure whether tea tree oil would do anything but I thought I might as well give it a go. Within a few days, the amount of spots has drastically reduced. I simply add a few drops of tea-tree oil to a damp facial sponge and wipe it across my face, especially the most spotty areas, after cleansing my face. I lightly pat my face dry so to not wipe off the tea tree oil. It has now become a crucial stage of my skincare routine.

I expected it to have a fresh smell like mint or menthol for some reason. But it has a strong smell quite like tarmac perhaps? It's really weird.

The one I use is by Absolute Aromas, which I got from my local Revital store. I use the organic one, which is £4.95 - only 45p more than the non-organic. You could use a toner which contains tea tree oil but I think many toners are just diluted tea tree oil and more expensive too.

There are different causes of spots so if you suspect that it could be bacteria-related, try this out. It definitely works for me.



sugarpuffish said...

You may also like to try Manuka Oil I find it works better than Tea Tree, for me its gentler on the skin & it is said the healing properties are stronger than Tea Tree?

Eden Angel said...

I've never used manuka oil. I didn't know it was good for spots. Thanks for the info :)