Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cargo PlantLove eyeshadows

I love using Cargo PlantLove eyeshadows. Unlike many 100% natural eyeshadows, these babies stay on my peepers for hours! The texture is just right - not too rough and not oily - whilst the natural oils, such as rosehip fruit oil and sunflower seed oil, give a smooth finish. And they are so pigmented that you don't need to use so much so they will last you forever. They're a great investment and I totally recommend them.

However, if you're prone to getting eyeshadow creases, then I suggest using a primer.


Beech is a shimmery peachy nude colour. This isn't too shimmery and can be used during the day. I certainly do! I like to use it on my brow bone as well as my eyelids for a simple yet pretty look.


As you can see, Sparrow is a dark brown. I like to use this in the crease of my eyes to give more depth. Using a slanted eyeliner brush, I also like to use it under my lower lashes as an alternative to eyeliner. It gives a much softer effect than black. Not only that, but I use it to fill in my brows AND I use it for contouring all over my face such as the sides of my nose and my cheeks!


This is a shimmery dark blue shade. It is perfect for a smoky eye on a night out complimented with a nude gloss on the lips. If you're brave, why not line your lower lashes with this vibrant colour? 


Bamboo is a shimmery medium brown, which gives an overall beautiful bronze colour. It's a really glamorous colour!

Some of these shades have already sold out so go to before they're all gone!


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