Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Should people be forced to smell your perfume?

As you may know from my previous post, I am trying my very best to stay away from synthetic products. So this includes perfume. It has been over a month since I last put on any perfume. Since then, I have begun noticing scents a lot better. My nose has, for some reason, become extra sensitive to perfume worn by others and it's suffocating!

It is mostly the floral scents that smell too sickly sweet to me these days, which is surprising since I used to love sweet smelling perfumes in my perfume wearing days. I actually put on a little perfume today and I felt physically sick. That serves me right for spraying toxic chemicals onto myself! Never again!

Though while I stay away from spraying any perfume, I can't help what other people are polluting my fresh air with. These days, I am either breathing in people's toxic perfumes, people's toxic car fumes or people's toxic cigarette smoke. It is a shame that everyone else gets the smell of freedom while they pollute the very air that I'm breathing! What happened to the freedom to smell some fresh air for once!

I'm not saying people shouldn't have their freedom to do as they wish, but they should really be considerate of others by spraying less perfume. I mean if you wanna spray a little, go ahead! But there's no need to spray so much and make everyone else smell it. If I get nauseous smelling certain fragrances, then I hate to imagine the experiences of those who actually suffer from perfume allergy or asthma! Or even pregnant women who are not only passing on these toxins to their babies but also get morning sickness from just by smelling these fragrances.

My opinion? You guessed it! Quit spraying!


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