Sunday, 31 October 2010

Meet my new flowers!

Keeping a plant in your room has been found to improve air circulation, remove impurities from the air and to improve mood. I just bought it because it looks pretty. And pretty things always improve my mood! With the darker nights, I need all the brightness I can get!

Pretty orchids in my new plant pot

Orchids are one of my favourite flowers. Not only are they so pretty but they are so easy to look after too.

Do you have any favourite flowers?



OreoGirl said...

So pretty! x

mimi said...

Hey I jus wanted to say, I am such a fan of your blogs, the info is very helpful to me and I enjoy reading it, Love the new pic of ur plant I want one to now...I am thinkg mabe a pretty pink flower one? :-D but I dont think I will get a pink one now that its winter!

Keep up all your good work :-)

Anonymous said...

Awwww so pretty :-D xoxo