Thursday, 28 October 2010

Keep fit without leaving the house

Winter is the perfect excuse to stay indoors in our warm, cosy homes, instead of working up a sweat. But there's no need to let winter get in the way of our health and fitness when there are so many exercises to do at home for the fraction of a cost of a gym membership.

I love Pilates and Yoga and not only because they involve a lot of lying down. Winter normally makes me lethargic and Yoga and Pilates have really helped by stretching my tired muscles whilst toning them. They are also great for burning calories, depending on the workout you choose to do.

I've found a great website called My Yoga Online that is full of videos as well as articles on Yoga, Pilates, dance and overall health. The videos vary in length so you can fit them 5 minutes in the morning or go for a long 75 minute weekend session.

My Yoga Online Videos

You would need to join to access the full videos as well as to take advantage of other benefits such as keeping a wellness diary. But it is really great value, especially compared to how much you would pay at a studio. It costs $9.85 a month which is just £6.25 (at time of writing).

I've watched some of the taster videos and I can't wait to start! I'll let you know how it goes. Until then, why not try out some of the video samples and see if you like it?


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