Thursday, 7 October 2010

Une Natural Beauty

When I decided to stop using synthetic beauty products, I went out to buy a few basic make up items to start off my new collection. I had heard about Une a few months ago and was eager to try it out. If you haven't heard of Une, it is a cosmetics brand that uses natural and organic ingredients in all their products.

Unlike most niche brands that use natural ingredients, Une is available in Boots, as well as Superdrug, so I had the chance to see the colours exactly as they really are and to try them out before I buy too. Plus it meant that I could take them straight home with me!

I came home with Skin-Glow foundation in G02, Skin-Echo concealer in E01, All in One black mascara in A01, Absolute Blacks Kohl in K01, Lip-Toned Colour red lipstick in L09 and a dark pink one in L02.

Skin-Glow foundation in G02
98.2% natural
17.1% organic

I found that this liquid foundation evens out my skin tone very well whilst looking like I'm not wearing any foundation at all. It is very light and has a similar consistency to tinted moisturisers so it is very easy to apply and does not give a cakey look.

My only problem with this product is that it comes off really easily. So I always end up with foundation all over my mobile or my camera. It also messes up my concealer whether I apply concealer before or after foundation, which is a BIG pain!

Overall, it is a good product that is easy to apply, evens out skin tone and gives a natural looking glow. But you will get this stuff all over your phone!

Skin-Echo concealer in E01
99.2% natural

I must be very honest here. This concealer doesn't work at all. It is very thin so it doesn't doesn't cover any of my flaws. When blending it in, it smudges the foundation completely off my skin and makes me look more like a panda than before :( DEFINITELY not buying this again. A complete waste of money.

Looking at the reviews on the Boots website, I'm not the only one to experience these problems. I have contacted Une about this but they seem to be ignoring me.

All in One black mascara in A01
98.7% natural

The mascara is one of my favourite products from this line. It lengthens, thickens and curls my lashes without leaving any clumps. It makes my eyes stand out so much that my dark circles become less noticeable. It is also very easy to remove compared to other mascaras I've tried so there is no need to rub it off so much that your eyelashes fall off.

A problem with this product is that it takes a while to dry. One sneeze and I have mascara smudged all around my eyes! Another thing I don't like about it is that my lashes only stay curled for a few minutes before they flatten out again.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I've just found out that this product contains SLS. It's probably the reason why my lashes have been so thin and short ever since using this product. So I definitely do NOT recommend this product at all!

Absolute Blacks Kohl in K01
100% natural
29.7% organic

The kohl is soft so it glides on very well and it is soft enough to smudge with a wet brush for a more dramatic effect. However, it isn't quite dark enough to use to line my eyelids so I go over it with a black eyeshadow. I mostly use it for my waterline and I love how it smudges under my eye (in a nice neat way). It doesn't last very long on the waterline but it lasts all day under my eye.

Lip-Toned Colour red lipstick in L09 and L02
100% natural
21.8% organic

With the amount of lipstick women wear over their lifetime, it is scary to hear how much of it ends up inside our bodies, especially considering the harmful ingredients they contain. As the Lip-toned colour lipsticks are completely natural, I can carry on wearing lipstick without the fear of licking toxins off my lips.

I tend to use the pink lipstick when I go out as it is close to my natural lip colour except more pinkier. The colour looks quite natural and the natural oils leave them nice and soft. The red one is the perfect deep red shade for occasions.

What I didn't like about these lipsticks is that they don't stay on very long. They come off instantly on my morning coffee cup and fade during the day.

Tip: For a softer pink shade, apply only one coat of the L02 lipstick over concealer
Tip: If you don't have any clear lip gloss to apply over your lipstick, use lip balm instead, such as Balm Balm.

Overall, these products are 'satisfactory'. They do the job but they come off so easily which is such a bother for me, especially considering the prices. Une Beauty is still a new brand so I hope they develop their products to make them stay on longer without smudging.

To buy, visit or Alternatively, click here to find your nearest stockist.


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came across these at boots the other day but wasnt sure if theyd be any good. thanks for reviewing .Lisa