Monday, 25 October 2010

Feed your hair

Being North African, I have crazy coarse hair that needs a lot of taming! A lot of my family have lovely, soft hair but I get the unlucky gene as always! :P

After causing further abuse to my hair, armed with a pair of very hot GHDs, I decided to give it a little mercy and embrace my curls. But then I found that a lot of hair products are heavy and seem to sit on my hair making it look greasy, instead of absorbing into the hair and leaving it looking soft and healthy.

Then I found L'Olio Hair Food by Cioccolatina!

This stuff does exactly what it says on the bottle - it feeds my hair, giving it the moisture that it so desperately needs. Usually, after washing my hair, it goes quite frizzy once it has dried. But after using only a couple of drops of L'Olio Hair Food on my damp hair, my curls were really smooth and had a healthy and natural looking glow.

How does it do it?!!

Well let's have a look at some of the ingredients...

Sapote (organic) oil: Sapote Oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth
Ximenia oilconditions the scalp and nourishes the hair 
Kukui nut oilConditions the hair and leaves it silky and shiny
Rosehip oil: Rich in Vitamin C. It strengthens thin/ damaged hair and soothes the scalp
Papaya oil: Conditions the hair and imparts shine

And these are only a few of the many natural ingredients it contains.

So if your hair is hungry for moisture, then feed it this healthy cocktail of natural oils. L'Olio Hair food is truly an amazing product that I would definitely recommend.

It costs £4.85 for 30ml and a few drops go a long way!

Visit for L'Olio Hair Food and many other natural hair and body products.



Tanya said...

I need to stop straightenin my hair. its dry enough already! that website looks pretty good. have you tried any of their other stuff?

Majeeda said...

That oil sounds very nice. I laughed at your comment on north african hair because when I was there earlier this year I went to the hairdresser and every single person in the salon had to come and feel my hair. Then they would look amazed as they told me how thin it was...obviously they meant fine lol. Then they had trouble styling it because the women there commonly have lovely thick hair!

Love From Eden said...

I get the same reaction here in England except they tell me how nice and thick it is. I didn't realise that my hair is 'nice' lol. Well it certainly isn't nice looking after it! x